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Global Aid Trust (GAT) is determined to help save and improve the lives of millions of people in the poorest countries around the world. Global Aid is tackling the root causes of poverty and focusing providing quality education.

dr akhteruzzaman dr muhammad kamrul hasan phd mr muhammed abu taher dr md abdus salam azadi dr muhammed ziaul haque shaikh muhammad abdur rahman madani dr md abul kalam azad shaikh abu sayed ansarey hafiz abu tayeb a s m ashraf mahmud barrister rahul rizwan rizwan-hussain ma, llm, pgce shaikh tarik nasrullah muhammad abdul baten mr ziaul haque



  • Total:
  • Investment gains:£
  • Investment:£
  • Trading to raise funds:£
  • Voluntary:£
  • Other:£
  • Chart


  • Total: £
  • Charitable activities: £
  • Investment management: £
  • Spent raising more money: £

Assets & People

  • Own Use Assets: £
  • Long Term Investments: £
  • Other Assets: £
  • Total Liabilities: £
  • Employees:
  • Volunteers:


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